Walter Fritz Installed as ABC San Diego 2018 Board President

(Poway, Calif.) – The Associated Builders and Contractors of San Diego welcomed new leadership to its Chapter Board of Directors, Training Trust board, and Health Benefit Trustees.

Walter Fritz, President and CEO of Nuera Contracting, was elected Chairman of the 2018 Board of Directors. As the Founder and CEO of Nuera Group of Companies, Fritz oversees all development and construction activities. Walter’s twenty years of experience have enabled him to amass a great depth of understanding as to the construction process for multiple forms of construction delivery methods.

Fritz brings his years of experience in the industry and strengths in the fields of management, communication, liaison with municipal officials, procurement, and construction to Associated Builders and Contractors.

Serving on the Chapter Board of Directors for 2018:

  • Walter Fritz, Chair, Nuera Contracting
  • Brady Hill, Chair Elect, Helix Electric
  • Kyle Kamerlander, Treasurer, Aldrich Advisors
  • Alex Galicia, Past Chair, BPI Plumbing
  • Kristina Bell, Interpipe Contracting
  • Corey Klinke, West Coast Benefit Group
  • Ron Rudolph, Rudolph Consulting
  • Diane Koester Byron, IE Pacific
  • Glenn Torrez, Prava Construction
  • Jeff Hinds, Ace Electric
  • David Edmundson, BergElectric Corporation
  • Les Denherder, HPS Mechanical
  • Randy Minnier, Ickler Electric

Dru Wells, Director of Human Resources of Helix Electric, will lead the 2018 Board of Trustees for the Training Trust, which oversees ABC’s award-winning apprenticeship training program. Helix Electric is one of the largest merit shop electrical contractors in California.

The 2018 Training Trust Board of Trustees:

  • Dru Wells, Chair, Helix Electric
  • Kevin Hartnett, Secretary, Laser Electric
  • Renee Lazarlere, Treasurer, Alpha Mechanical
  • Greg Wright, Brian Cox Mechanical
  • Rick Drinkward, BergElectric Corporation
  • Paul Rowan, Rowan Electric

Serving as members of the ABC California Health Trust Board of Trustees 2018:

  • Walter Coffman, Walter Coffman Company
  • Tuesdae Calatano, H&D Concrete
  • Brian Wickland, BPI Plumbing
  • Mary Smith, Interpipe Contracting
  • Michael Webb, Reno Contracting

The Board of Directors and Apprenticeship Training Trustees were sworn in by Shandon Harbour, President and CEO of ABC San Diego.

Established in 1976, ABC San Diego was founded on the principles of the Merit Shop: that all contractors should be allowed to bid and work on all jobs, regardless of union affiliation. Nuera Group is a proud Merit Shop contractor and employer.

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