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In his role as 2018 Board Chairman of Associated Builders and Contractors of San Diego, Walter Fritz received a Proclamation from the City of Poway recognizing ABCSD’s role in “National Career and Technical Education Month” at the Poway City Council meeting of February 20. Fritz was joined for the presentation by ABC San Diego member Randy Minnier, Owner and President of Ickler Electric Corporation, located in the City of Poway.

This column by Walter Fritz, CEO of Nuera Group and board chairman of Associated Builders and Contractors, San Diego, first appeared in the San Diego Transcript on December 22, 2017.

So much about success in today’s workforce is about teamwork, and so much about teamwork is about attitude. Right now, I’m sure you can name a co-worker (or if you’re lucky, several) who give every day on the job their best.

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