Vista Del Monte Retirement Community: Greens Renovation : Santa Barbara, California

Vista Del Monte Retirement Community: Greens Renovation

Client: Front Porch Communities

Type: Senior Living

Location: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Status: Complete

Nuera led a design-build effort to create and implement a renovation plan for a large landscaped plaza at the very heart of a thriving senior community.  “The Greens” area had turned to brown as a result of extended drought and the resulting water restrictions.  Adding to the challenge was the presence of extremely large, mature pines that had long been a signature element of the community.  In response, our designers created a plan that successfully introduced new elements into the existing canvas in a way that preserved the pines, yet eliminated the other drought-stricken materials.  New elements included drought-tolerant plant species, drip irrigation, modern irrigation controls, synthetic lawn, and accessible pedestrian features such as discovery areas and wander paths.


Following design and permitting, Nuera successfully faced the challenge of implementing this design at the very busy pedestrian crossroads of the community.  We implemented the entire scope of work while ensuring continued access to all areas of the campus for residents, visitors and employees.

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