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Walter Fritz and Colette Osweiler-Fritz took Nuera Contracting on the road to participate in its first ever  “exhibitor” event at the LeadingAge California annual conference in Pasadena, California.

Walter and Colette drove north, set up the cool, hip Nuera booth, and began meeting and greeting conference participants to discuss Nuera’s expertise and services.  The pair spoke to many folks in hopes of opening up future business opportunities.…

This column originally appeared in the San Diego Transcript on April 23, 2018.

 Americans have many ways of defining what it is to be successful. For decades, one of the universally accepted measures of success is earning a college degree.


Walter Fritz

In a controversial new book generating a lot of media coverage and conversation, George Mason University economist Dr. Bryan Caplan argues in “The Case Against Education” a college degree is greatly over-valued.…

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